What is the Street Series Tour?

It's a series of small-sided soccer tournaments being held in 10+ soccer-crazy cities around the US between April and August of 2017. We will be driving from city to city, hitting one city per week, where we will hold 4.5-hour 5v5 tournaments at local soccer facilities.


WHO is running this tour?

We have five Turfmapp staff touring on the road and hosting all the Street Series tournaments. Turfmapp is an app that lets players find soccer games and organizers manage tournaments, such as the Street Series tournaments.

Team registrations, check-ins, and live score tracking will all be handled through the Turfmapp app and website.


WHY the street series tour?

Our mission is to search for America’s best street soccer players & leave behind any blueprint for the street soccer scene in every community.

The key objectives of U.S. Season One: Transition into the Streets are to discover existing street soccer culture, to qualify the best teams through the tournaments we host, and to retain the small-sided soccer culture.

  1. To show everyone the existing street soccer scenes in America.
  2. To uncover the current best street soccer players / teams in each city.
  3. To expand opportunities for us to lend a hand and help speed up the growth of technical players (so that we could finally have an American Messi on the national team).

We are doing all of this by hosting street soccer tournaments to raise awareness through multimedia / video content. Follow along on our journey @turfmapp!


What's the game format?

    Check it out on the format page.



    Edward van Gils

    Edward van Gils, aka "Edje", is a street football legend based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is the founder of Streetkings, the captain for Ronaldinho's Globe Street Team, and a long-time Nike Athlete.

    We are partnering with Edward van Gils to give the 5v5 National Final champions a chance to experience the home of modern street football culture for 5 days in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Your whole team will get to compete against local street footballers and train with Edward van Gils and his crew during your stay there.



    World Street 3s

    The winners of the 3v3 National Final will get to represent Team USA in Manchester, England, at the World Street 3's Championship in September 2017. You'll get a chance to compete against other world-class street footballers like:





    1. Will this tour go all year round?
      A: The Street Series USA Tour 2017 only goes from April to August. The last tournament will be the National Final in Chicago on August 2nd.


    2. Who is organizing these tournaments?
      A: We have five Turfmapp staff touring the US on the road and hosting all the Street Series tournaments. There will also be help from local organizers and volunteers in each city (thanks, guys!).


    3. How are these tournaments special?
      A: We take pride in the efficiency of our tournaments. We are able to maximize the number of opponents you'll face within a short amount of time (<4.5 hours per event), through the use of technology. The Turfmapp app allows you to track live standings, live stats, and your schedules during the tournament.



    1. Do I need to sign up on Turfmapp in order to play?
      A: Yes, every player must create a Turfmapp account and be confirmed in a team in the tournament they want to play in.

    2. Who can play in the tournament?
      A: All of the Street Series tournaments are open to players of any gender, but you must be at least 16 years old to play. Please bring an ID with you for identification. All players who are 15 or younger will not be permitted to play.

    3. Can I sign up as an individual?
      A: Unfortunately, we only allow for team registrations. So gather your friends and family to register as a team.

    4. Is there a maximum number of players per team?
      A: For 3v3, the maximum is 5 players per team. For 5v5, the maximum is 8 players.

    5. Can I play in more than one tournament within the same city?
      A: Yes, you're welcome to do that. Generally, the best teams will register and play in both tournaments.

    6. What if I show up with my team but I didn't sign up in the app?
      A: If your team is registered but you are not confirmed in the app, then you must sign up and confirm your spot at the tournament before playing. However, this will waste time for your team as well as the staff at the tournament. So please register and join your team in the app ahead of time.

    7. Can I register my team for more than one city?
      A: Yes, you can play in as many tournaments as you want.

    8. Can I get a refund if I want to cancel my team?
      A: You can cancel your team within 72 hours of registration for a full refund. If you cancel your team after 72 hours, you will NOT receive any refund. So make sure you have a full team before you register.

    9. What if my team shows up at the tournament, but didn't use the app to register my team?
      A: Your team would not be able to compete in the tournament because the registration deadline is usually 2 days before the tournament.

    10. Will a tournament be canceled if there are only 10 teams registered?
      A: The minimum number of teams required for a tournament to be held is 12 teams. All teams will be notified of any cancellation at least 2 days prior to the tournament.

    11. What happens if a tournament is canceled?
      A: If you've already registered and paid for your team, you will receive a full refund if that tournament is canceled. Again, you'll be notified ahead of time of any cancellation.

    12. Can I pay cash?
      A: No, all team registrations and payments must be done online through the website or the mobile app.

    13. Are payments secure?
      A: Yes, security is very important to us. We use the same payments system as companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Eventbrite.


    The Day OF

    1. What time do we have to be at the tournament?
      A: Check-in begins 1.5 hours and ends 30 minutes before the tournament's first game. If the tournament is at 3pm-7pm, then you and your team should arrive between 1:30pm and 2:30pm.


    2. How does the check-in process work?
      A: All players must check in individually with us at the check-in station. We will ask for your first & last name that is used in the Turfmapp app. Once we find you, we'll check you off the list, give you a wristband, and you'll be good to go!


    3. How do we check our game schedules?
      A: You can do that in the Turfmapp app during the tournament. Open up the Turfmapp mobile app, and the first thing you'll see is a button to enter the tournament live tracker screen. Once you're in Live Tracker mode, tap on the 3rd tab at the bottom to view the schedules.

    4. What will happen if our team is late?
      A: For the 5v5, you need at least 3 players on the field, or the game is forfeited (2-0 automatic win for the opponent).

    5. What will happen if a team does not show up at all?
      A: All their scheduled games will be forfeited, and the opposing team will get an automatic 2-0 win.

    6. Why are the games so short?
      A: This is how they play on the streets around the world: short games with quick rotations. You need to be quick to score! The short games let you play against more teams, reduce your wait time in between games, and maintain the high intensity throughout the tournament. We know you'll love it.

    7. Are shin guards required?
      A: Shin guards are not required, but they are recommended.

    8. Are cleats/studs allowed?
      A: No, cleats/studs are not allowed, even when the tournament is held on artificial turf. You can wear either turf shoes or indoor shoes, depending on the surface of the field.

    9. Will the tournament get canceled if the weather is bad?
      A: The tournament will not be canceled due to weather, except for conditions that will endanger players (e.g. lightning storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.).