The rules for cash prize for Gold Division champions of the 5v5 tournament, based on team numbers:

  • 16+ teams = $1500 cash prize
  • <16 teams = $750 cash prize (half of $1500)

To qualify for these prizes:

  • All the players on your team must sign the waiver through the app;
  • Your team must not have more than the player limit (max 8 players for 5v5);
  • Your team must confirm that you will play in the National Final in Chicago on August 1st. At least two (2) players on the team must send in the itinerary info as proof. All info should be sent to



Street Series MVP definition: a city tournament's most valuable player.

Street Series Elite Crew: is a player that may or may not be selected as an MVP of a tournament. Street Series Elite Crew is designed to form the best individuals (aside from the members of the tournament champions) selected by the Street Series Tour panelists that may include Ed van Gils and other Street Series Tour members.

The selected player will qualify for a reimbursed transportation to and from Chicago up to $300 per player. The player's accommodations will be covered in Chicago with the maximum of two nights. Turfmapp & Street Series Tour will not be responsible for any additional flight or accommodation costs needed due to accidents, delays due to weather accidents or personal commutes.